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OUCSS Co Founder - Mark aka KrAm211

Creator of our Facebook page and the inspiration for the wider club we have today

OUCSS Co Founder - Dan aka Dreadless

Creater of the Discord server which houses the majority of our content. Gained OU Students club official membership. owner of oucss.org

Moderator - Gavin aka M0j0r1s1n

M0j0r1s1n has been with us since the beginning of the club and creates and maintains our bots on Discord.

Moderator - Paul aka P0z0x

P0z0x is a massive benefit to the club, he brings a wide range of knowledge and moderates our Discord platform.

Moderator - Emma aka emp0p

Without emp0p we would get very little organised! A valued moderator and contributor to the club and the oucss website